Industrial Association of Tyrol

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We are a member of the Tyrolean Industrial Association!

The Tyrolean Federation of Industry is the free representation of the interests of Tyrolean industry.

The aim of IV Tirol is to unite industrial companies as well as companies related to industry in a free and democratic way, to represent your interests, especially in professional, operational and economic terms, to broaden your understanding of questions of the economic and social order, continuance and to ensure the development of free enterprise and to ensure the formation and maintenance of private property, in particular of all kinds of industrial means of production.

We are happy to be a member of the Tyrolean Industrial Association and to be able to form the Tyrolean industrial sector together in a sustainable manner


New cutter

Continuous expansion of KS production - new cutter in April! The production machinery will continue to operate in 2021 ...

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2021! We wish all customers and their families a happy Easter. Stay healthy! Family...

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NEW: Aspen Airgel ®

NEW: High-performance airgel insulation mats Pyrogel ® and Cryogel ® for both hot and cold applications.

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