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1200 ° C KFT


Earth alkaline silicate fiber


Mat (blanket)


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Insulation properties

Exceptional insulation properties.

Temperature resistance

High temperature resistance up to 1200 ° C.


Temperature change

High resistance to temperature changes.


Superwool® Plus Blankets offer the same benefits as the other products in the Superwool fibre family, but with improved handling strength and optimised thermal properties. Superwool® Plus Blankets are produced from pure raw materials using a new manufacturing technique. In addition to the optimized thermal properties, the larger nuisance dust particles have been effectively eliminated, making the product soft to the touch and less irritating to the skin during use. Superwool® Plus Blankets are made from long Superwool® Plus fibres. Superwool® Plus Blankets have excellent thermal stability and retain their original soft fibrous structure up to the maximum continuous use temperature. Superwool® Plus Blankets are needled from both sides and exhibit high strength both before and after heating. Superwool® Plus Blankets contain no binder or lubricant and do not emit fumes or odor when first heated. Superwool® Plus Blankets are pliable, easy to cut and shape, and easy to install. (CAS number: 329211-92-9).


  • Contains no binder or lubricant
  • Thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Good tear resistance
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Immune to thermal shocks
  • Good sound absorption
  • Exempt from any classification as carcinogenic according to Note Q of Directive 97/69/EC.


Mats (blankets) made of high temperature wool are needled lightweight mats made of biosoluble (AES) high temperature wool (HTW) and provide an effective solution for a wide range of thermal insulation applications. They are characterized by excellent insulating properties, high resistance to chemicals, elasticity and dimensional stability. They are exclusively inorganic and therefore do not generate smoke or fumes when exposed to heat. They are available in a wide range of densities and thickness combinations, making them one of the most versatile product groups on the market.


Alkaline earth silicate fiber high temperature wool (AES Alkaline Earth Silicate Wool) consist of a mix of amorphous fibers, which are melted and then rapidly solidified using a combination of silica SiO2 and calcium oxide (CaO) with magnesium oxide (MgO) can be produced.


Ceramic and glass industry

  • Float glass preheating and start-up hoods
  • Glass casting moulds
  • Tunnel kiln expansion joints
  • Bogie hearth furnace for sanitary ceramics: roof and wall insulation
  • Roller hearth furnaces: back lining, roller fillings and expansion joints
  • Applications in automotive glazing systems

Metal industry

  • Annealing furnace doors
  • Insulation of ladle side gates
  • General thermal insulation
  • Repairs of coke ovens
  • Reheating furnace lining
  • Lining of melting/holding furnace doors
  • Manifold cover and slide
  • Jacket pipe seal

Consumer goods industry

  • Chimney insulation gas fireplaces
  • insulation of oven casings
  • Insulation for boilers and water heaters

Morgan Thermal Ceramics

Morgan's development of low biopersistence fibers has led to a revolution in the use of fibers for high temperature insulation applications over the last 20 years. Our patented Superwool products, manufactured using ISO 9002 certified processes, are made from alkaline earth silicate (AES) composition fibers uniquely engineered to provide benefits in high temperature insulation applications.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics Advanced Materials

Product variations


Roll goods

Fiber mats are sold as roll goods as standard. The roll length depends on the selected thickness. As a standard width, we have 610mm wide rolls from stock. Double widths are available on request.



We manufacture molded parts according to your specifications. The roll goods are made using

  • Water jet
  • Punching
  • Plotting

brought into the right shape for you.


Fiber modules

We manufacture fiber modules according to customer specifications that are designed for the insulation requirements of industrial ovens, kilns and heating devices.


Chemical Analysis 
SiO2: 62,0 – 68,0
CaO + MgO:
CaO 26,0 -32,0
MgO 3,0 – 7,0
Other oxides:  <1.0


Physical Properties
Colour: White
Classification temperature (° C): * 1200


Permanent linear shrinkage (%) after 24 hours
1200 ° C: 1
Volume weight (kg / m³) 64 80 96 128
Thermal conductivity (W / mK)
200 ° C 0,06 0,06 0,05 0,05
400 ° C 0,11 0,09 0,09 0,08
600 ° C 0,18 0,15 0,14 0,12
800 ° C 0,29 0,24 0,21 0,18
1000 ° C 0,42 0,36 0,29 0,25
1200 ° C
Tensile strength (kPa) 30 45 55 75



Data sheet Superwool® Plus

Product properties, typical applications and availabilities.


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