Chesterton 277 metal degreaser

A fast acting, non-chlorinated, low residue degreaser for industrial applications that removes oils, greases, dirt and dust.

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Metal degreaser
TP (Technical Products)
Container size
Aerosol can 250 g | Canister 20 l

Chesterton Chesterton

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Tags: Tp (technical products)


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    Without chemicals

    No ozone-depleting chemicals.

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    For metals

    Suitable for use on all metals.

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    Removes dust, etc.

    Removes dust, dirt, oil and other industrial pollution.


    Chesterton 277 Metal Degreaser - a fast acting, non-chlorinated, low residue degreaser for industrial applications that removes oils, greases, dirt and dust. Fast evaporation rate, safe use on all metals, low aromatic content, strong rinsing effect, removes dust, dirt, oil and other industrial contaminants, low residue, no ozone-depleting compounds or suspected carcinogens, approved by the NSF. Chesterton 277 is suitable for use in Rolling Bearings, Sliding Surfaces, Hinges, Valves and Fittings, Motors, Chain Drives / Sprockets, Mechanical Moving Parts, Sensitive Precision Instruments, Semi-Finished Parts, Equipment.


    • Fast rate of evaporation
    • Safe to use on all metals
    • Low proportion of aromatics
    • Strong flushing effect
    • Removes dust, dirt, oil and other industrial contaminants
    • Little residue
    • No ozone-depleting compounds or suspected Carcinogens
    • Approved by the NSF
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    Data sheet Chesterton ® 277

    Product properties, typical applications and availabilities.


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    Chesterton Technical Maintenance Products updated product catalog


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  • AW Chesterton®

    AW Chesterton® Company is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of five distinctive product lines. They have been offering value-adding solutions for industrial needs since 1884.

    Chesterton uses high-performance materials, specialized formulas, and constructions to provide solutions for your toughest industrial applications. They offer value-adding solutions with documented success and the highest recognition across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

    AW Chesterton Company is ISO 9001/14001 and MRP II Class-A certified.


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