Chesterton 622 white grease

Is a high quality, general purpose grease - excellent for use in food contact (H1); the fat consists of a mineral oil.

1 ° C to 260 ° C
TP (Technical Products)
Container size
Container 400 g | Container 18 kg

Chesterton Chesterton

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Tags: Tp (technical products)


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    Water resistance

    Excellent water resistance.

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    PTFE reinforced

    Reinforced with PTFE.

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    Food (H1)

    Suitable for use in contact with food (H1).


    Chesterton 622 White Grease H1 is a high quality, general purpose grease - excellent for use in food contact (H1); the fat consists of a mineral oil. Approved by the NSF (H1), resistant to water, steam, caustic and cleaning agents, almost colorless, odorless and tasteless, complies with sections 178.3570 and 177.1550 of the FDA regulations for food additives, dropping point at 260 ° C. Application in the food industry in bottle filling systems, fruit feeders, paste and sauce filling systems, preservation machines, meat packaging machines, carton filling machines Other applications also for valves, pistons, pumps, conveyor belts, rollers, machines, sliding surfaces, guides.


    • Approved by the NSF (H1)
    • Resistant to water, steam, caustic agents and cleaning agents
    • Almost colorless, odorless and tasteless
    • Complies with sections 178.3570 and 177.1550 of the regulations for food additives by the FDA
    • Dropping point 260 ° C
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    Data sheet Chesterton ® 622

    Product properties, typical applications and availabilities.


    Chesterton ® Product Catalog

    Chesterton Technical Maintenance Products updated product catalog


    KS Technologie product catalog

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  • AW Chesterton®

    AW Chesterton® Company is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of five distinctive product lines. They have been offering value-adding solutions for industrial needs since 1884.

    Chesterton uses high-performance materials, specialized formulas, and constructions to provide solutions for your toughest industrial applications. They offer value-adding solutions with documented success and the highest recognition across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

    AW Chesterton Company is ISO 9001/14001 and MRP II Class-A certified.

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