Silicone sponge

Temperatures up to 260 ° C

We carry silicone foams with and without self-adhesive equipment up to an application range of 260 ° C.
Rubber Material

standard qualities

  • up to 200 ° C (reddish brown & white, special colors on request)
  • up to 250 ° C ot brown & white, special colors on request)
  • special high temperature grades up to 300 ° C operating temperature at short notice
  • from 2 - 25mm thickness
  • Gross densities 250kg / m3 or 400kg / m3)
  • Self-adhesive equipment optionally available as assembly aid

Product forms

  • Plate goods and rolls (with and without self-adhesive)
  • Seals (stamped and water-blasted)
  • Profiles (rectangular, round or square, with and without self-adhesive equipment)
  • extruded moldings

Further products