Textile clothing & insulation

RBS technical assemblies

RBS textile insulation and insulation sleeves made of high-temperature-resistant fabrics are used in a wide variety of industries for two main reasons:

  • Increase in energy efficiency in areas where other materials cannot be used for insulation
  • As contact protection to increase work safety

Regardless of whether in pipeline construction, for large and small engine production or in exhaust gas treatment, RBS technical assemblies stand for a long service life and, if necessary, can be exchanged with innovative lashing and tensioning systems without great effort. 

RBS_Isolierendes_Gewebe_Textillien_2_S_Kneissl_Senn_Technologie_GmbH (1)
RBS_Isolierendes_Gewebe_Textillien_1_S_Kneissl_Senn_Technologie_GmbH (1)
RBS_Isolierendes_Gewebe_Textillien_KS_Kneissl_Senn_Technologie_GmbH (1)

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