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Expansion joints are generally spoken \"elastic\". Components which are suitable for absorbing pipeline expansions and vibrations (e.g. due to heat, etc) or for compensating the installation of plant components.

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Expansion joints Expansion joints

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    Ageing Resistant

    Material resistant to aging and corrosion.

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    Flexible, pressure-resistant, and torsion-proof.

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    Various Versions

    Clamping clamps, flanges, steel parts, etc. in various steel qualities.


    Expansion joints are generally spoken \"elastic\". Components that are suitable for absorbing pipeline expansions and vibrations (e.g. due to heat, etc) or for compensating the installation of plant components. The design is decisively determined by the pumped medium, pressure, temperature, size, and direction of the expansion to be absorbed.

    To assemble our RBS fabric compensators, we offer you all accessories such as clamps, flanges, steel parts, backing strips and other accessories such as screws, nuts, etc.


    • Ageing resistant
    • Flexible
    • Pressure resistant
    • Temperature resistant
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Anti-twist

    Steel grades

    • Stainless austenitic steel 1.4571 / X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2
    • Stainless austenitic steel 1.4541 / X6CrNiTi18-10
    • Stainless austenitic steel 1.4301 / X5CrNi18-10
    • Austenitic heat-resistant steel 1.4828 / X15CrNiSi20-12
    • Austenitic heat-resistant steel 1.4878 / X8CrNiTi18-10
    • Structural steel 1.0038 / S235J
    • Austenitic, high-temperature nickel-iron-chromium solid solution alloy Alloy 800 H / 1.4876H
  •  RBS Kompensator GmbH

    RBS Kompensator GmbH

    In 2009, at the request of many customers, RBS Kompensator GmbH was founded as the 100% sister company of KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH under Senn Beteiligungs GmbH.

    Building on the existing know-how about temperature-resistant high-performance fabrics, these began to be manufactured as individual pieces in the form of soft-material compensators by hand in Erl. Gradually, various sewing and welding machines were acquired in order to be able to produce all common shapes (round / square / round on square etc.) in the best possible way.

    Together with our team we try to live the idea of the "One Stop Shop" and make sometimes impossible things possible according to our motto: "Viribus unitis - with united forces".


ATTENTION - Sale to professionals only

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