Ceramic round hole filter

Round hole filters made of aluminium silicate ceramic with mullite as the main component are used for casting aluminium and its alloys as well as for iron casting.

Up to 1700°C
Aluminium silicate ceramics
Round hole filters

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    Defined holes

    Holes clearly defined and positioned, clear quality control.

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    Casting behaviour

    Consistent casting behaviour guaranteed by low tolerances.

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    Foreign particle free

    Inside no disturbing foreign particles and impurities.


    Round hole filters made of aluminium silicate ceramic with mullite as the main component are used for casting aluminium and its alloys as well as for iron casting. Higher quality filters made of corundum-mullite ceramics with an aluminium oxide content of over 70 % are the right choice for steel casting and are widely used. In our range you will find pressed ceramic round hole filters with round, rectangular and square outer contours. The filters are characterised in particular by their precise geometry, which thus ensures optimum flow results, and by their particularly high temperature resistance of up to 1700 °C. Depending on the flow rate, casting speed and filtration capacity, a variety of types are available.

    Filters are always installed as close as possible to the casting after the sprue system and before the gate. The resulting laminar flow is important for high quality cast products. Ideally, the filter is installed vertically in a horizontal duct. A reservoir is formed in front of the filter, which is used to absorb the impurities and to homogenize the material and the temperature.


    • Holes clearly defined, positioned
    • Clearly measurable for quality control
    • Low tolerances
    • Consistent casting behaviour guaranteed
    • Straight holes
    • Laminar flow
    • No interfering foreign particles inside
    • Clean (free of dust and particles) and free of impurities
    • High dimensional stability
    • Smooth surface
    • Closed outer contour
    • The production takes into account the environment
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